Thanksgiving Specials

Many people have asked us the difference between pies and tarts. I tell them, technically, pies usually have a traditional flaky pie crust and have either single or double(with top & bottom) crusts. Tarts have several crust variations in terms of texture, always have a single bottom crust and are slightly less deeper than pies. Simply said, tarts are the French cousins of pies! 


  • Pumpkin Pie $25

  • Pecan Tart $30

  • Apple Crumble Pie $25

  • Carrot cake 8"serves 8-12 $45


Veggie Quiche 8 servings $35

-Kale & Spinach or

-Leeks, Potatoes & Chives



  • Pumpkin spice cookies 5 for $3

  • Mini Pumpkin tarts $2 each

Items from our regular menu can also be ordered for Thanksgiving. Please call 817-808-2533 or email to place your orders.

Last date for ordering is Sunday, Nov 18.  


Green City Farmers Market

Lincoln Park, Chicago

Commissary Kitchen

1020 W Devon Ave

Elk Grove Village

Illinois 60007


Due to the Covid mandate, we are now going virtual!

You can continue to place orders with us via Whatsgood app from your phone or go to

HOME DELIVERY: Every Wednesday with order cutoff Tuesday at 12pm