Hologram is one of Counter Culture's most complex blended coffees. With that in mind, they recently updated the name along with new packaging to something that better evokes that complexity. Something that reflects its dimensionality. Created with varying intensity—of light in the case of an actual hologram and with flavors in the case of this coffee. Hologram is a little mysterious. And, yet, familiar. Elusive, but reassuring. And, of course, it tastes great.

Long-time customers may recognize this coffee by its old name, Rustico—or Aficionado before that—which was in use until fall 2014.

Counter Culture Whole Beans - Hologram 12oz

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  • Blend Components: 60% Nuevo Amanecer, Colombia / 15% Dambi Udo, Ethiopia / 10% Halobariti, Ethiopia / 15% Kabeywa, Uganda

    Certifications: Kosher

    Availability: Year-Round


Green City Farmers Market

Lincoln Park, Chicago

Commissary Kitchen

1020 W Devon Ave

Elk Grove Village

Illinois 60007


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